Thursday, November 17, 2011

Changed up some of the colors

As per critique from some peers to better match the concept, i changed some of the colors a bit.

Future Soldier texture WIP

Here's alittle update on the soldier. Started to texture his under armor piece. Tried to make it look like rubber, hope it reads. Some things i'm going to tweak tomorrow is giving it a slight bump, plus some reflection issues on a couple areas.

I have to say though I am getting more excited the more i work on him. This is an exciting first attempt at a cinematic character.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Getting there

Metal armor all textured up. I tried making his boots dirtier than the rest of him. Hope that reads well.

Also not sure what happened on the armor on his bum, but i'm going to look into that now.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Future Soldier

This is my current project. Focusing all of my free time on doing a cinematic character model for production.

Based on this concept:

I thought it was perfect because he has alot of simple shapes, and i can focus on execution and figuring out mental rays shader network.

I'm going to make his gun, pose him and put him on a little base as well.

Hope you enjoy.

Jumper mech

So here's the latest game rez piece i made.

Based on the concept here:

Ok it's time to revive this guy

Yeah I'm going to take this weekend and do an overhall on this HIDEOUS blog! I'm going to keep all of my old stuff up for perspective.

Until then i'm going to periodically post up some of the art I've done since august of last year.

Whew.....can't get over the hideousness of my page header.