Thursday, August 27, 2009

Finished crates and idol

Just finished up on some textures on the crates and idol.

Also a lantern for the mini scene. The only medium sized prop I have left are some barrels. The assets should be done by the weekend which gives me some time to make the diarama with the rocks and ground and such.

Monday, August 24, 2009

quick color tweeks

Here are some real quick color tweeks. Made the Idol much lighter and the blue engravings more blue. To really stand them out.

Idol update

Brightened up the idol's diffuse.

Update on my new senior project

Here's a small update on my Excavation site miniscene for GDC.

The only thing that is complete is the idol in the crates. The crates are just quick general textures, i'm going to give them some more detail and story later. The jeep is obviously just color right now, the tires are all i've worked on.

All I have left is the lantern and some barrells. I might also make some boxes of fruit or something, and the turntable to which the jeep and stuff sit on.