Monday, June 8, 2009

Steampunk vespa

So for my Game asset classes final project, i'm doing a steampunk vespa. I'm sick of not performing well in that class and im going to really try and make this a good one.


geeshin said...

pretty cool there, buddy! the only thing i have trouble seeing is how the handle bars are connected to the front wheel to make it turn. unless there's some kind of steam mechanism inside those tubes where it redirects steam to make the wheel turn! yeah... that must be it! haha hmm.. there are some mechanically questionable things, but i'll tell you in person what i think. looks BA though! get on them textures!

Josue Mariscal said...

Looks cool man...that thing better be animated with some smoke and steam dynamics! Hell yeah!

Jon Chesson said...

wow man... that's really cool, I agree with what Jin said about that 'functionality' part of it, those handlebars totally wouldn't work.:) Also the saddlebags should be pushed back toward the rear of the seat. They would be in the way of the rider if you left them there.(that's where your legs would rest)... nice goin so far though