Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Steam punk Vespa

So here's my finished Steampunk vespa for game asset. I like how it turned out, naturally i wish i had more time to have put more love into it. But it came out fairly well i think.


geeshin said...

awwwww yeah, the colors look sicc! good job man. the only thing that looks odd to me right now is the front wheel housing/cover thing. it doesn't seem like there would be scratches there. maybe some vertical scratches (not paint chips) on the back body could have added some... character? to it? not sure if that's the right word to use... but you know where i'm getting at? like.. if the rider dropped the bike, it would leave a huge scuff mark. anyway, i'm rambling. good stuff do. lemme know how emer critiques it! i wanna know if he says anything the operation of the vespa =P see you later dude

Erich Beckmann said...

Not bad, though I do think you coulda added more loops in the tires to smooth them out. But by far your best project in the class.