Monday, May 11, 2009

New xmen Beast

EDIT: Looking at the pose where he's just thinking that's a winner. and im thinking of adding his legs. hmmmm

This is a sculpt i've been working on abit. I'ts still very WIP.

But im posing him...and i need help. I'm going to make him im going to make him a stand and stuff...and i just wnat an awesome pose for beast.

I was thinking the arms down one...or one where he's holding a physics book in one hadn...and his glasses in the other. Having his arms up in a contemplative motion.

Lemme know


Exclarion said...

dude i can so see him similar to what you stated. holding an open book on one hand and another hand putting pressure on his glasses a bit so they go below his eyes and him looking at the camera (viewer) also give him a doctors cloak! thtd be sweeet!

Wesley Griffith said...

Oh yeah, i didnt even think of a doctors cloak..that'd be awesome. To have it kinda crunch up where the busts stand starts.

I was going to put him in his battle gauntlet things. but that's perfect.