Monday, February 23, 2009

A final color comp

Ok so here's my final color pallete on the mount and his rider. The rest of the series is going to follow closly to this same pallete.

I'm going to do alot more iwth the painting of course...this is just a first pass to establish the colors.

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Glenn-Brando Rivera said...

Maybe you've finally decided your color comp, but I think I liked the color division between the rider and mount more in the previous post.

The two being so similar in color makes me think that they belong to the same species rather than rider and domesticated animal.

Perhaps you can outfit the rider with "leather hide" gathered from dead mounts (suggesting re-use of deceased mounts) to tie the two together color-wise, while still keeping a difference in their native skin tones.

Either that, or you could tie them together with similar armor/gear.

edit: I see that you already have the color of the assets matching. I think the problem might lie in the limited area that the 'matching color' is used. Maybe a large swath of the same color can be applied later as a seperate asset, like a flag or cloth covering, or emblem.

Hope that's useful.