Monday, December 15, 2008

christmas break

So i've been thinking. I'm really going to try to put together one character model a week. If i can't do that im going to at least try and get one good one over our 3 week break. That includes everything, concepting, modeling, texturing...maybe even rigging.

Since GDC is coming up in march, I really want to have something to show them. I'm hoping to honestly get a job from GDC, and have to move to where-ever im working and just finish my courses online. One of my former friends did that, and i feel it's ideal for me. I know that times are a little hard in the industry, but i really want to try and put this plan into action.

So idealy, im going to show up to GDC with 3 or more character models. That gives me a little more than 3 months..which should be more than enough time.

I just really need to start getting back into character modeling. This busy quarter has really derailed me.

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