Monday, December 29, 2008

some thoughts

so after some consideration..i've decided to put my "cinematic" model of thor on hold. I've gotten to the hair stage, and i just don't have the hardward/software power for something like that. I tried putting a small beard on him yesterday, and it freaked my computer out. It's just too hard on the computer.

So im putting it on hold

I'm going to have to stick to doing "in game" models :/

Monday, December 15, 2008

modeling ideas for break

Ok so sitting in my class i got some random ideas for a couple models i want to do over break.

1. Killer croc redesign
2. space suit (reference grey fox, solid snake...etc.)

I have a couple concept art designs that i want to take a stab at. so we'll see.

christmas break

So i've been thinking. I'm really going to try to put together one character model a week. If i can't do that im going to at least try and get one good one over our 3 week break. That includes everything, concepting, modeling, texturing...maybe even rigging.

Since GDC is coming up in march, I really want to have something to show them. I'm hoping to honestly get a job from GDC, and have to move to where-ever im working and just finish my courses online. One of my former friends did that, and i feel it's ideal for me. I know that times are a little hard in the industry, but i really want to try and put this plan into action.

So idealy, im going to show up to GDC with 3 or more character models. That gives me a little more than 3 months..which should be more than enough time.

I just really need to start getting back into character modeling. This busy quarter has really derailed me.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Close-up General

Just more detailed of a render.

One final down

i finished one of my final projects two weeks early.

feels good

General 2


Here's my general almost finished. I just have to texture the shirt and im done.

A couple weeks before finals week, i'd say that's a great thing. That's one less project i have to worry about.