Thursday, September 18, 2008

finally finishing up my elf

So i've decided to combine a personal project with a class project. It's for my Game Modeling class, and since i had finished my first model early, he told me to start on another.

so instead, i just picked the elf back up.

here is some normal mapping, not gotten to texturing yet. I kind of textured the head, lots of work needs to be done still.

programs used.
maya, 3ds max, photoshop, roadkill, zbrush.


Exclarion said...

I like it Wes! im really feeling the material. You where able to pull of the cloth feel and leather like material to the armor nicely.

geeshin said...

daaamn that's looking sweet! show me your unwrap on saturday, would like to see how you arranged it. it might be the lighting or something, but it looks like he has sunburn on his face. or it might be b/c of my monitor settings. would love to see it fully textured.